I work with professionals who want to achieve their desired outcomes in pitches and presentations – so they feel connected to themselves, their message, colleagues and clients.

What separates my service from other coaches is that I work both practically and on a deep personal level, to help you transform your approach so you can build strong, ethical business relationships and success, while feeling more fulfilled. This is often in sales, pitching and presenting situations and in meetings generally.

You are typically an executive, technical expert or a business owner and want to be more comfortable and confident when selling, presenting and communicating in meetings.

 You may:

  • Feel that you lack gravitas and impact

  • Want to be more confident, structured and purposeful when presenting

  • Hate selling but need to do it and get better results

  • Can’t stand ‘networking’ and want better ways of ‘surviving’ networking events

  • Need to practice for an important event, presentation or pitch, confidentially

  • Know someone in your team who is a ‘genius’ but not great in front of clients and needs help

Or, you need to extract or exhibit value in your client interactions and with colleagues.
You may not be quite sure what you lack, but you know you are not getting the results you want,
feeling ‘off-balance’ or know you have a particular issue – and don’t know how to address it.

My specialty is to coach Technical Executives and Music Creators to be confident when pitching,
presenting and having greater professional impact.

We achieve this together by helping you balance your skills, knowledge and specialist expertise with emotional intelligence, human connection and confidence for maximum effectiveness and rapport with clients and colleagues.


I’m Jacqueline Norton – I am a creative, a coach and have over 25 years of experience in a successful sales career. My coaching clients tell me that they didn’t believe they could make such major improvements in the short time I work with them. 

Why work with me?

  • Because I have a proven track record in a successful sales career and in executive coaching
  • Because I’ve been there and I understand your challenges
  • And because, I’ve overcome debilitating shyness 



I invite you to message me to arrange a free virtual coffee call to talk about what you need.

You’ve absolutely nothing to lose and I don’t believe in pushy selling – never have.

Let’s see if I can help…….contact me by email to arrange a call. 

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What People Are Saying

Jacqueline is a first rate campaign strategist and business development coach. She supported my team on the successful audit retender for Zoopla. She brings excellent experience from a sales career to challenge a team to be really clear on key sales messages and to see benefits through the eyes of the client. She’s also an excellent coach for presentations. I endorse her as a leading example of a business development coach.
Jim Brown

Partner, Deloitte

I used Aurate to design a bespoke 2-day introduction sales course for my company.
We’ve never had any formal training in sales and I must say that it has opened my eyes into what approach will work better.
Jacqueline explained everything clearly and helped us fine-tune not only our unique selling points but what they mean to our customers.
One of the best investments I have made, I wish I had done this years ago !!
Charles Sampson

Company Founder + Director, Emphasis Inventories

I worked closely with Jacqueline throughout a three month competitive tender process. I found her to be an invaluable addition to the team,
providing high quality contributions and feedback on our messaging, proposal document and presentation styles. Crucially for me, Jacqueline
provided me with one-on-one coaching ahead of the pitch, which was key to my performance and our success with the client. I would not hesitate
to recommend her as a key asset and a positive influence to any team.
Chrisna Stafleu

Equity Capital Markets, Deloitte

Jacq helped me to prepare for a tough interview process for a promotion – I was literally terrified of presenting and this was a panel of
senior people in my organisation.

I was confident I could do the job but I knew that this element of the process was an issue. I had an initial meeting with her so she could figure
out what I needed, then three in-depth sessions to work on presentation skills as well as changing my way of thinking.  Jacq is an amazing person and so inspirational, she has a real passion and honesty which makes you feel she’s on your side completely.  

I’m delighted to say I got the promotion but more importantly, I know that I’ve overcome a serious block that was holding me back.
I feel much more assertive in other areas of my life too and would recommend Jacq as a coach – no matter what you’re trying to achieve.


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