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Why Aurate?

We have lived through so much change in the world in expectations, technology, culture, working patterns, pandemic impacts and mental health challenges… the time is right for us to not just manage our sales professionals – but to nurture and nourish them to be the best they can be. So how do you do that?

We need to coach them. But how do you do that when you are not a coach?

1. We provide you with the right support to build trust within your team with a structured competency journey so you explore the right topics with them and do so in an emotionally and psychologically safe way.

2. As you and your team members commit to change small habits and behaviours during the programme, we support you with an online system to ‘nudge’ you along the way – creating upgraded self-awareness and emotional intelligence.

3. What’s more is we provide data on how it’s going so you can make informed decisions on what your team need to achieve your shared objectives.

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